Tuesday, 5 March 2013

Essie - No Place like Chrome

My first ever post!  I'll be surprised if anyone but me ever sees this!  Anyway today I'm reviewing Essie in 'No Place like Chrome'.  Pretty chuffed as I managed to pick it up in the Original Factory Shop for the measly price of £3 instead of the usual £7.

No Place like Chrome
I have to admit, my first Essie colour was 'Fiji', and initially I wasn't impressed as thought it was very opaque and chipped early on, however I have since built up my collection of Essie polishes and absolutely love them.  I pair them with Sally Hansen's 'Double Duty' (a holy grail product for me!), and I get a good few days, at least from it.

This polish is a gorgeous silver, almost holographic.  It's very shiny but catches the light really well and I think would go with most outfits.  I used 2 coats as I always like to, but 1 would have been more than sufficient to be honest, and another bonus is it dried really quickly.

2 coats
I picked up another couple of metallic Essie shades whilst I was there, which I may or may not review soon, but I will definitely be picking up more.

Hope you enjoyed my first post, and should I receive any comments I'll be ecstatic! haha :)


claire howarth said...

Very nice I will be booking u for a nail makeover at norseman very soon lol xxx

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