Sunday, 21 April 2013

Midi Dresses

I'm really loving midi dresses at the moment, but I'm a rather unfortunate height and tend to find them either too short or too long!  Anyway here's some of my current picks and a few things to go along with them;

And a few wee things to go along with a nice dress;

  • Zara Bracelet Clutch - I think this is gorgeous, and a great idea to have a bracelet instead of a handle, I'm not a huge fan of wee bags but I really like this.
  • ASOS Helnley Heeled Sandals - Love these but I'm not brave enough to wear them!
  • MAC Hue - Shock horror I don't any own MAC lipsticks!  I think this will be my first though!

Until next time amigos, thanks for reading,



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